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I highly recommend Adam Hedges as a golf coach and for Golf trips!


I've taken up golf in the past few years, I didn't have the advantages or grounding of playing as a junior to help me to work things out and the golf swing has not come naturally to me.

Whilst I love competitive and the social side of the game, I really want to improve as a player and to shoot lower scores consistency.

Adam quickly assessed my strengths & weaknesses, but he made sure to ask me what I wanted to work on first & then gave me the confidence to attempt the things that I dreaded, gradually making that part of my game stronger & stronger whilst working cheerfully & patiently on the overall package - putting, chipping & irons.

Adam is extremely patient & attentive, he doesn't overload you with multiple things to change, he builds you up slowly piece by piece, whilst paying attention to everything, the way that you stand, your body position, where the swing path is, how flexible you are, all the e way down to checking the loft on your putter.

After each lesson Adam produced lesson fact sheets with brief video clips / photos from that lesson for me to go away with & work through, making sure to ask me if I understood everything that he'd sent me.

Adam's structured approach has helped me set realistic targets for my game, helping me work my way towards being a better and more consistent player.

Adam's dedication to coaching has extended to offering to talk to me through tactics & my approach through a two day competition which I ended up playing really well in, this is something that truly marks out how much he cares about his students and their performance.

Peter Huntley

Kath Clark

Having only started playing golf 4 years ago I am so pleased that I recently signed up for lessons with Adam.

Adam is a breath of fresh air in teaching his students, using not only video analysis to illustrate my swing and he follows up every lesson with detailed notoes of what's been covered via text message. This reminds me what I need to do and allows meto read these before I go out to play or practice.

Adam is a very friendly, patient and supportive. He makes the lessonsinformative and fun. e His always available to contact between lessonsif I'm struggling.

Adam has a great understanding of the mental attitude to the game and encourage me not to "beat myself up" when things don't go as well as desired on the course.

I have seen a great improvment in my game. Thanks Adam

Kath Clark


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Scott Sorensen.png

I took a few lessons from Adam staying on Canouan Isalnd. Adam really helped me to understand the basics and what I needed to do to improve. Almost instantly I started scoring lower and with him teaching me some key fundamentals I now have what I need to practice on my own to be able to keep improving. Thanks Adam!!

Scott Sorensen

Testimonial - Mia Baker.jpg

As a total beginner, picking up a golf club seemed a daunting task. Adam was able to make me feel at ease and gave me the confidence I needed. Not only has Adam adapted his teaching approach and analogies to suit my learning style, but he’s also been a motivational support throughout, reminding me patience is key when it comes to golf. On top of all this, we have a laugh together which reminds me why I started golf in the first place.

Mia Baker

Andrew Doyle.PNG

I have been on a number of golfing trips with Adam. His enthusiasm and knowledge of golf is exemplary. He is both a sociable companion and good teacher. His ability to hit a golf ball is simply awesome.

Andrew Doyle

Paul Rye.PNG

Adam has been my coach since September 2019, firstly I can say Adam is very polite and a gentleman. He has improved my game and confidence and taken them to the next level.
I have had several lessons on a face to face basis on various aspects of my game that I have struggled with and with Adam's experience and coaching he has helped enormously to improve my game.
Adam is always available for a chat and to give advice. I recently sent him some videos of my swing and he always gives me honest appraisal of what he sees and I admire that. I have complete faith and trust in him and will be having a lot more coaching sessions in the future.

Paul Rye

Harrison Livingstone (2).JPG

I'm a 21 year old university student studying strength and conditioning science.

Being a student whilst working I didn't really have time to get over to where Adamwas based so I decided to try his online coaching.

Adam has been brilliant with me. He has helped my golf game so much. I will send him a video from a few different angles and withina day he will send me back an in depth video discussing what I am doing well and what we can work on, including explanation on how to gether ther.

I've come on leaps and bounds and I can't thank Adam enough.
Adam's kowledge is fantastic and has helped massively.

Harrison Livingstone

James Horgan.PNG

I have played golf on many occasions with Adam both socially and in competition. 

I would like to say he is a great golfer with an admirable and relaexed approach to the game.

I'd recommend taking Adam on a Pro Am as the trip will be both enjoyable and his ability will give you a great chance to win the event!

James Horgan

Tom Lavary.JPG

Adam is the best coach I have ever had. I love golf but have played for years with poor technique and little understanding.

Adam was recommended to me, and he helped to transform my set up and ball striking in just 3 short lessons.
I've not found anyone who understands me and explains things so well with such positivity. He writes up great notes which shows caring and I read over them before playing to remind me what to do if I've not played for some time. It makes a huge difference and I've been winning more matches than I've lost since!

Tom Lavary

French boys (2).PNG

We had a 4 day trip with Adam last November (2019) in Spain. The selected courses were varied and challenging. Adam quickly saw our strengths and weakenesses and designed personalised plans for improvement. He was able to transfer his knowledge and experience in a very comprehensible and enjoyable manner, and we saw rapid results on both the range and the golf course.

Adam is very friendly and made every moment of the trip pleasant on and off the course. We will surely book another trip in the future.


Jeremy & Guillaume

Ric Mitro (2).PNG

I am advocating Adam Hedges for his tremendous golf skills, teaching ability, hospitable nature and welcoming nature in a business environment. I have known Adam since 2011 as well as invested in his business of entertaining clients to help give my customer a great experience while learning to play the game of golf. If you are interested in giving customers a unique experience, then Adam's gift of golf is truly an effective way to tie your customers closer to you and your business.

Adam has the unique ability to engage with customers of all types while helping them understand the game of golf better from the time they meet Adam, to the time they leave. He engages with clients from the start and uses his communication skills with golf experience and techniques making the game more easily understood and fun to play. What a better way to tie your customer base to your business than giving them the gift of playing better golf. Get to know your customers better and include Adam Hedges in your business plan.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is proactively engaging clients to use the gift of golf that Adam has to offer your clients.


Ric Mitro

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