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Frequently asked questions


Online Lessons

What is online coaching?


This is where we can improve your golf game with the help of your smart phone or computer. Why not try my ready-made video packages or better yet, my bespoke service.

The E-store videos are for all levels of golfer, and you can purchase exactly the kind of videos that will specifically help your game.

The bespoke service is much more tailored to your personal needs with my support to guide you through the process and provide feedback at every step.

Why should I try online coaching?

This can be a cheaper way of improving your game, but still receiving that personal touch to ensure it is tailored to your needs.

I provide detailed notes of each lesson as well as voice recorded video analysis which you can refer back to at any later date to remind yourself of the information.

Not to mention, the world is getting busier, time is short and this is a great way of still improving if you do not have time to visit me in person.

In Person Lessons

In Person Lessons

If I want a face to face lesson where can I find you?

While in the UK, I am based at Redlibbets Golf & Country Club, in Kent. In 2020 I will be in the UK as follows (May - November).


The remainder of the time I am based in Canouan Island, St Vincent and the Grenadines (Dec – April),  and we can work together online if you are interested in lessons during these months.

What lesson options do you offer?

While in the UK at Redlibbets Golf and Country Club

I offer:

- 1 hour lessons
- Playing lessons for 9 or 18 holes.

You can book up a lesson on my "in person lesson" page where you can view my availability calendar.

Play with a Pro

Play with a Pro

Why should I consider a playing lesson?

It is one thing to learn golf on the range or on the practice facilities, but it is another to actually learn to "play" the game well. Yes, we have to learn good technique to give us the best opportunity to play well, but there is so much to learn in playing golf, so many nuances to help us improve and play better.

Every time I go out on the course with a client, it unravels so much more we can work on. It will always be time well spent, and you might end up learning a lot more than you think!

What are the benefits to playing with a pro?

- Getting to see a pro hit the ball and play.

- Receiving tips that are designed to help you personally with your game.

- Listening to stories from the tour.

- You spend 4 hours with a pro instead of say  1 hour, which can lead to a lot more value.

- Enjoy the experience of something you don't get to do often.

Golf Trips

Golf Trips

How do your trips work?

1. Choose an incredible destination for your next golf trip. I offer a number of locations across the globe, or you are welcome to suggest somewhere else.

2. You give me all the details eg. no of people, no. of rounds, no of nights etc.

3. I book everything ex. flights.

4. I escort / host the trip to make sure everyone has the best time, and also coach the group while away.

5. You enjoy a 5 star golf trip!

Why would I use your service over other providers?

Whether you are looking for an intense course abroad, a buddies trip or a couples group getaway. I build bespoke trips to fit the group anywhere from 2 - 24 people.

I believe I offer a unique service which is unmatched, which includes high quality hosting and personal coaching on and off the golf course.

Try one today to find out for yourself!

Pro Ams

Pro Ams

What is a Pro Am?

A Pro Am is a golf competition where a pro and (usually) 3 amateurs play together as a team, competing against other teams for the winning title and other prizes.

It is a great opportunity to not only play with a pro, but in a competitive environment.

I specialise in Pro Ams abroad in some of the most lavish and luxurious places around the world, creating an unforgettable trip for you and your friends.

Check out my Pro Am schedule.

Why would I play in one of your Pro Ams?

If you just love to compete, this would be for you!
These are great opportunities to play at courses where you wouldn't necessarily get to play or normally travel to.

They are always so well organised and it's a great laugh for everyone playing.

Great if you want to spend a number of days with me to take advantage of my knowledge and experience.



How do these clinics work?

During a golf clinic I will do some demonstrations of technique for any particular part of the game, the clients can ask questions, and they will then go and practice, taking these tips on board.

I offer 3 different packages depending on what you are looking to achieve. Regardless a really good time filled with great information. More information click here.

When should I consider booking a golf clinic?

Usually for larger groups.

These are great for corporate golf days or work team building events, as well as just a fun learning experience with friends.

It's a great opportuntiy for people to learn from a professional but also for everyone involved to connect and engage with each other.

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