Caddying seems to be a disappearing profession in the UK golf club arena, however, it is still very much alive in the exclusive and high end clubs all over England, and especially in the USA, amongst other holiday destinations.

I currently caddy at:
The Wisley 

Walton Heath

However, have you ever thought of taking a caddy out at your local club?

I provide caddying services for anyone at their local club!

Anyone is allowed to take a caddy on any golf course at any time, whether it be a casual round of golf, or a competition. 

Why employ a caddy while you play?

With my 18 years of experience in golf, I have learnt a lot, and still learning. One thing I have learnt is how much, "support" is crucial to success. A good caddy acts as a good support system for any golfer. Providing them with useful and confident cues at the right time so they can perform at their best.


I assist my clients in improving their course management, as well as encouraging the best mind set possible. Nothing is more important than belief in ones self, and your belief in the fact you can hit the shots you want to hit.

What makes me different from other caddies?

Not a lot of caddies out there are professional golfers!
I am able to offer a service which is very rare, my expertise as a pro allow me to help my clients in a way, which their friends in their 4 ball or another caddy cannot. 

How often do you have your teaching pro watch you play?...Or even have a playing lesson with them?...probably not very often!

I cannot stress enough, how important this concept is...If you want to improve your golf game, you need to learn to "play" better golf, and there is no better way to do this than to learn on the golf course. 
Hence my caddying service brings together caddying and professional advice to improve the "PLAYER" as a whole.

Every shot I get to see on the course with clients, I am evaluating. This enables me to give valuable feedback either during, or at the end of the round.

I am very enthusiastic about helping my clients improve, and I am confident this service will do just that!


(Location - Adam's Affiliated Clubs)

Personal Caddie - 9 holes                         £40.00  
Personal Caddie - 18 holes                       £80.00

Forecaddie - 9 holes                                  £40.00 (£10.00 Per Person based on a 4 ball)

Forecaddie - 18 holes                                £80.00 (£20.00 Per Person based on a 4 ball)

All prices exclude Green fees

Green fees are provided at Adam's preferred rates 

(Location - Your Home Club)

Personal Caddie - 18 holes                       £80.00

Forecaddie - 18 holes                                £100.00 (£25.00 Per Person based on a 4 ball)

 Gratuity Optional 

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